At Evolution Esthetics, we have designed an exclusive and professional environment to educate our students with the dream of training elite artists who will revolutionize the beauty industry and reach their full potential.

an exclusive & professional environment

Training at Evolution Esthetics

Our training programs

Interested in one of our training programs?
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Investment: $4,397.00

*BONUS Unlimited shadow days with Sam
*BONUS 6 month access to EE Vault 
*BONUS VIP access to EE FB & IG groups
*BONUS Career roadmap checklist 

Bonus Inclusions

License requirements: FL state tattoo artist license
Hands-on training: 2 live models
Live demo model performed by Sam
Lifetime support & mentorship

Duration: 5 days
Method: Microblading & Microshading 
Experience: Beginner & advanced
Instructor: Samantha 
Kit type: Luxury


Investment: $2,597.00

*BONUS 2 shadow days with Sam
*BONUS 3 month access to EE Vault
*BONUS VIP access to EE FB & IG groups
*BONUS Career roadmap checklist 

Bonus Inclusions

License requirements: FL state tattoo artist license
Hands-on training: 2 lives models
Live demo model performed by Sam
Lifetime support & mentorship

Duration: 4 days
Method: Microshading or known as “ombre powder”
Experience: Beginner & advanced
Instructor: Samantha
Kit type: Premium


Investment: $2,397.00

*BONUS 2 Shadow days with Sam 
*BONUS 3 month access to EE Vault
*BONUS VIP access to EE FB & IG groups
*BONUS Career roadmap checklist 

Bonus Inclusions

License requirements: FL state tattoo artist license
Hands-on training: 2 live models
Live demo model performed by Sam
Lifetime support & mentorship

Duration: 4 days
Method: Microblading
Experience: Beginner & advanced
Instructor: Samantha 
Kit type: Premium



Training available upon request. Please contact Sam for further assistance.  

private 1:1

Evolution esthetics is taking pride in revolutionizing the brow training industry. By combining the most advanced techniques on the market and supplying the highest quality materials designed by world-renowned artists, we provide each of our students with the fundamentals they need to flourish as individual artists and business owners. Whether your goal is to make six-figures performing permanent makeup services part-time or open store-front salons, we have specifically designed our programs to include knowledge, support, and mindset needed to succeed every step of the way.

why choose ee:

Paige M.

Sam is so patient and everyone's personal hype girl! Because of Sam, I have an immense wealth of knowledge in this industry. I will be extremely successful thanks to her creating such a strong foundation!

"I learned so many useful skills that I will take on into my career with me. "

Ariel M.

Super friendly service and my eyebrows healed perfectly! She puts on really nice numbing cream because I didn’t feel a thing, and she gave me everything I needed for the aftercare instructions. My eyebrows are perfect thanks to her

"Maria really takes her time with getting your brows to be identical to each other. 

Danielle M.

She's absolutely amazing, and someone I recommend to my friends. She's professional and her work is second to none."

"I've been going to Sam for a few years now and there's no one else I'd trust with my brows.




Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the training

Yes, there will be a live demonstration by Sam on the technique being taught during training for optimal learning experience.

Will there be a live demonstration performed in training?

Yes you will need a total of two models for the hand-ons training portion of the class. 

Will I need models for training and if so how many?

Yes! We offer installment plans which must be paid in full one week prior to the class start date. We also offer after pay options through a partnering company called Denefits. For more information please contact Sam for further assistance. Deposits are not included in any payment plan option.

Do you offer payment plans?

Permanent makeup training like our signature Blading & Shading training are fit for those who are ready to take the next step in becoming financially independent and creating their own work schedule. Additionally, having confidence in your ability to learn and adapt to a new skill is essential when beginning a PMU career.

How do I know if investing into permanent makeup training is right for me?

No! Many of our students come from all types of industries. The only prerequisite to a permanent makeup career is an interest in the beauty industry. 

Do I need to work in the beauty industry to take this class?

  • In-depth fundamentals
  • Licensing guidance
  • Waiver requirements
  • Presentation of workplace
  • Client management
  • Consultation conduction
  • Proper sanitization | sterilization
  • Product/equipment knowledge
  • Color theory | correction
  • Brow mapping mastery
  • Photo editing & social media marketing

What topics will discovered during training?

Materials included in our trainings include physical copy of course manual, practice mannequin head, full premium kit with supplies needed for your first 10 clients, notebook, and pen.

What materials will be included in the training?

The closest airport is the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and the closest hotel is the the Hampton Inn Suites Orlando-John Young Parkway/South Park. Please note that we are located in the heart of Orlando 15 minutes from all major attractions, restaurants, and hotels. 

Where is the closest airport that I can fly into and hotel that I can stay at?

The live trainings are held at our salon in Orlando, Florida. Our current address is 8803 Futures Dr. Orlando, Fl 32819 suite 8-102.

Where are the live trainings held?

A Florida tattoo license is required to preform all permanent makeup services legally in our establishment. You will receive instructions on how to apply for your license in your welcome letter after signing up for the class. For our out of state students, you may apply for a temporary Florida tattoo license by submitting a copy of your current tattoo license and a picture of your driver’s ID on the website. PLEASE ADVISE: YOU CANNOT ATTEND OUR TRAINING WITHOUT THIS LICENSE. This license is not required for our brow lamination or lash lifting training classes.

What licensing is required for this class? 

Questions about the Day Of The training

What do I need to bring to the training?

1.) Proof of FL state issued tattoo artist license. Including a copy of license, receipt of processing, certification of blood borne pathogens test. 
2.) Lunch or snacks if you have specific dietary specifications/restrictions.
3.) A jacket or sweater if you get cold easily.
4.)And of course a readiness to learn and excitement to succeed. 
*All other class materials like notebook, pen, water and supplies will be provided. 

Yes private trainings are available upon request. Please contact Sam directly for further information.

Are private one on one trainings available?

Yes! We will be commencing a lunch mid-day. Complimentary water, snacks, and lunch will be provided unless you choose to bring your own. Coffee and tea are also available.

Will there be a lunch break or may I bring lunch?

Each training day is about eight hours long, with exception to the time varying depending on each student’s learning speed and abilities.

How long is each training day?

Group class sizes vary from 2-6 students. 

How big is the group class size?

Questions about AFTER The training

Do you off job placement?

No, we are not responsible or liable for job placement once student had completed a specific training with us. We will be more than happy to offer any advice or guidance necessary!

Do you offer any ongoing support after training has concluded?

Of course! We are lifelong mentors, supporters, advice-givers, and most importantly friends. It is our mission to cultivate contiuous education for each and every student that walks through our door.

You can begin your new career in permanent makeup immediately following the class! 

How soon after the class can I begin my new career?

In the state of Florida, licensed tattoo artist may only preform permanent makeup services in a licensed tattoo establishment. You may be able to rent a salon suite or space that will qualify to become a licensed tattoo establishment or, alternatively, you may rent a bed from a tattoo shop to preform your first clients.

Where will I start working? 

Yes, products will be able to be purchased after the class through the website or through a product list that will be emailed to you. 

Can I purchase products after the training?

You will not be certified if you do not successfully complete two models under Sam’s supervision. If there is an unsuccessful attempt, student will subjected to postponing certification until they have successfully completed the service on a live model.

Will I be certified without doing the hands-on training with models?